Theocratic Meeting Notes

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Raise Yourselves Erect, Your Deliverance Is Near" Circuit Overseer Brother Dethrow

Read these chapters to get a full picture:
Matt. 24
Mark 13
Luke 21
Revelation 6

These chapters are like puzzle pieces from the pictures Jehovah is painting for us. When you set out to put together a puzzle you would first look at the picture to get an idea of how you will begin to fit everything together. You dump out all of the pieces and then you separate all of the sides to make it easier and link them together. Next you work your way to the middle parts, examining the colors and details and then you most likely will look around the other pieces sifting and sorting some more. The prophecies in the bible should be treated the same way. Today's world is comprised of 4 main parts: Events of today, Human attitudes, The political scene, and most importantly-Conditions of God's true followers. Picture this: Revelation chapter 6 verse 1, 2 talks about a powerful horse Jesus rides on . What kind of house is it? What is the shape or stature? Color? Psalms 110:22 says Jesus is the mighty King on that horse conquering.

When we imagine this are we excited or anxious? The 2nd horse is the Fiery Red horse that takes peace away from the earth. 3rd horse is the Black horse of famine and inflation, greed making it hartd to live and survive and the people are malnutritioned(see Matt. 24). The 4th horse is the Pale horse bringing disease and sickness filling up the common grave of mankind. Jesus will in time kill all 3 horses better than any Wild West victories you could imagine. Jesus by means of Jehovah, will bring immeasurable peace. Today though, we see our neighbors devoid of love and full of selfishness (see Matt. 24:12), their idea of love is oftentimes perverted. Violence is abundant and there is no doubt about is the end is here. The prophecy at Daniel chapter 2 tell of the dream Nebuchanezzer dreamed involving this immense statue made of difference metals from head to toe symbolizing the political scenes that will dominate the earth up to the last days. Daniel 2:41-43 depicts the polical fragmentation that would take place and the progression the entities will go through. Early in history there were small satellite countries warring and stuggling to get governmental relief and like the statue's feet made of bronze and clay (bronze-govenmental control/Clay-common poor people) they are formed into a noticible shape of feet but do not mesh together and are not stable by no means.

Daniel 2:44 tell of an everlasting Kingdom that will not be brought to ruin by man's hands and will crush and put an end to all the early kingdoms. This Kingdom will pulverzied to dust the kingdoms that has dominated man (see Rev. 17 & 18). False peace then destruction will be a sign and then the governent here on earth will turn on false religion. Do we think this piece of the puzzle is exciting? The end of wicked ushered in by the Kingdom is on the horizon like the sun rising over the earth. The 4th puzzle piece involves us-God's true worshipers. We are busy preaching the good news of that Kingdom and magnifying it's positive message. 1 Peter 4:7 speaks of being sound of mind and vigilant.

Man's rule has done nothing for mankind but Jehovah's Kingdom will offer lasting relief (see Matt. 24:34). Observe and meditate on these composite signs that have flashed up from generation after generation (The word Generation does not mean excessively long). Generations overlap. Jehovah will allow these to his annointed to see death and be transformed . Putting the puzzle together helps is to guage where we are in the stream of time and be intensely occupied with studying God's wod and preaching without letup (see Luke 21:21, 31-Our deliverance is near) Keep praying and asking for Holy Spirit because Jehovah, Jesus, the Angels, and our spiritual family are at ourside.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bad African Auditions!

Whoa! And you thought your brother was awful!